The Big Bang Theory: 15 Insane Details You Definitely Missed!

1. Raj's Father Indicates Priya Got Married After Breaking Up With Leonard

2. Wil Wheaton's House Address Is A Reference To His Star Trek Fame

3. The Apartment Building Has A Locked Door

4. The Apartments Have Doorbells That Are Never Used

5. Sean Astin Was A Possible D&D Teammate Of Wil Wheaton's, Despite Playing A Character In The Show

6. Sheldon Claims That Not Eating In His Apartment Is As Crazy As Not Using The Letter M, Then Uses It

7. The Apartment Building Has More Mailboxes Than Apartments

8. Blossom And Joey Was A Couples Costume Idea For Sheldon And Amy

9. The Headrests Are Usually Removed From The Front Seats

10. Bernadette Typically Wears The Star Necklace Howard Gave Her Before Going To Space