‘The Big Bang Theory’: 1 Star Kissed His Childhood Crush on the Show!

In season 3 of The Big Bang Theory, McKellar appeared as Abby, a woman Raj meets at a university mixer for grad students and faculty. In the episode, titled “The Psychic Vortex,” Raj impresses Abby with Sheldon (Jim Parsons) as his wing man. He talks to her about India and astrophysics.

And at the end of the episode, Raj and Abby are seen making out in Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment. In a 2015 interview with Independent, Nayar revealed that he was nervous when McKellar came on set. He had a crush on her growing up. And when he learned that he’d be kissing her for a scene, Nayyar was scared his nerves would trip him up.