Meghan Markle's revealing posts on The Tig before she shut it down
The Duchess of Sussex launched her personal blog, The Tig, in 2014 and named it after her favorite red wine, Tignanello. She used the platform to share insights into her life, including her relationship with her now estranged father and best friend Jessica Mulroney. Meghan also opened up about her struggles of not fitting in during her high school years, where she spent her lunchtimes participating in various activities to avoid sitting alone. As she entered her twenties, she struggled with judging herself based on her weight, style, and desire to fit in. However, a casting director advised her to be "more Meghan," which she adopted as her mantra throughout her twenties and thirties. After meeting Prince Harry, Meghan closed down The Tig. Speculation is rising that Meghan might relaunch her blog soon, especially since her recent meeting with uber-blogger Gwyneth Paltrow.