Tired Mom Thinks 40-Hr Labor Is Finally Over Until Nurse Stitching Her Up Sees Baby's Head

Nicole Ziesemer, who was pregnant with her first child, woke her husband up at 12:30 in the morning to inform him that her water had just broken nearly five weeks early. After 33 hours of labor, Nicole gave birth to a baby girl named Blakeley, and she thought the hardest part was over.However, when the doctor went to check on Nicole, she saw another head and realized that there was a second baby. Nicole and Matthew, as well as their doctors and nurses, had no idea that she had been carrying twins. The surprise birth shocked everyone in the room, and the entire floor of medics rushed into Nicole's room.The twins were born healthy, but Nicole and Matthew were not prepared for two babies instead of one. They realized they should have prepped their home for the arrival of twins instead of just one baby.