RENEWAL! Seinfeld's Cast Networth In 2023 Revealed: Who Is The Richest From The Show?

The cast of Seinfeld, the highest-paid cast in TV history, continues to make money through syndication deals with various streaming networks. Jerry Seinfeld is the richest cast member with a net worth of $950 million, followed by Larry David at $400 million and Julia Louis-Dreyfus at $250 million. The other cast members include Jason Alexander at $50 million, Michael Richards at $30 million, Liz Sheridan at $15 million, Jerry Stiller at $14 million, John O'Hurley at $12 million, Wayne Knight at $8 million, Barney Martin at $6 million, Estelle Harris at $5 million, and Heidi Swedberg at $300,000. All cast members receive royalties from reruns of the show on streaming platforms.