90-Year-Old Placed Baby Girl Up For Adoption. 70 Years Later, She's Standing Behind Her

In this heartwarming story, Wanda LeBlanc, a professional photographer who took an at-home DNA test, discovered she had a biological aunt named Lynne Wray whom she had never met before. Lynne had been searching for her birth family for years and only knew that her biological mother was born in North Carolina and was part Indian.In May 2019, Wanda arranged for Elizabeth and Lynne to meet for the first time in a "first look" photo shoot at Sugar Mill Pond in Youngsville, Louisiana, where Wanda usually does shoots for brides and grooms in her photography business. The reunion between Elizabeth, 90, and Lynne, her daughter, was emotional and touching, marking the end of a long search and a new beginning for a mother and daughter who had been separated for 70 years.