Inside 'Friends' Cast’sRreal Life Heartbreaks From Star’s 7 Miscarriages To Tragic Death And 15 Rehab Stints REVEALED!

The Friends cast has faced tragedies and health issues, leading some fans to believe that a "Friends curse" plagues the actors. Matthew Perry revealed his near-death experience due to drug abuse. Courtney Cox shared her struggles with fertility and regrets using Botox and fillers. Matt LeBlanc suffered from depression after the show ended and struggled with his daughter's diagnosis of cortical dysplasia. Lisa Kudrow was sued for breach of contract, and Jennifer Aniston faced public heartbreak after her marriage to Brad Pitt ended in 2005. Michael Tyler died of prostate cancer in 2021, and Mike Hagerty passed away in May 2023 due to a seizure caused by antibiotics.