The Big Bang Theory Creators Revealed Sheldon And Bernadette Would Have Turned Into Rivals If The Show Continued During The Pandemic!

The creators of The Big Bang Theory are satisfied with the way the show ended, but they admit that a pandemic featuring Sheldon would have made for must-see television. Co-creator Bill Prady suggested that Sheldon would have loved the pandemic, with people having to listen to him due to his knowledge of germs.

However, trouble could have arisen between Sheldon and Bernadette, who is a microbiologist. Prady believes they would have argued about germ-related issues. Jim Parsons, who played Sheldon, agrees that Sheldon was built for a pandemic and that he would have thrived. If the show were ever to get a reboot, it's hoped that an episode on Sheldon's behavior during the pandemic would be featured.