Jim Parsons Was 'Visibly Sweating And Feverish' During His Iconic Big Bang Theory Kiss With Mayim Bialik!

Jim Parsons, who played the beloved character Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory, had a strict routine when it came to memorizing his lines. Parsons revealed that he used flashcards and drilled himself to perfect his lines. However, during an intimate scene with Mayim Bialik (who played Amy), Parsons showed up to the set feeling ill.

Despite feeling sick, Parsons had to shoot the scene multiple times. Bialik took precautions by rinsing with peroxide after every take to avoid getting sick. Although it was a tough night for the crew, Bialik was proud of the scene and did not get sick. Bialik was a major reason why her character stayed on the show, due to her chemistry with Sheldon.

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