The Big Bang Theory: 13 Great Examples Of Foreshadowing Some Fans Didn't Notice!

1. Sheldon Was Certain A Nobel Prize Was In His Future

2. Raj’s Parents’ Divorce Was Hinted At

3. Howard Listened To Bernadette And Didn’t Let His Nickname Stop Him

4. Sheldon Hinted That Amy Was “The One” Early On

5. A Psychic Prediction

6. Amy Did In Fact Marry Sheldon In Four Years

7. Penny Dating A "Dumb Guy"

8. Penny & Leonard's Relationship

9. Penny Knew Their Differences In IQs Would Be The Relationship's Demise

10. The Bunny Symbolized A Baby

11. Amy's Love For Little House On The Prairie

12. Leonard And Penny's Children Would Be Smart & Beautiful

13. String Theory's Dead End

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